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Join our Trayer Wilderness Community for a safe and uncensored environment to share and support one another! With all the censoring, shutting down, and trash on social media platforms we wanted to create a location that we can continue to share with you and continue to still be able to connect.

Think Facebook without all the garbage!  No more bunny trails or unwanted material. 

We are family-friendly and feel our kids should be learning right along side us because they will be the ones to carry on the traditions, right!?!

We will share our knowledge and inspiration through our faith led lifestyle in areas such as preparedness, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, traditional living, autism, natural healing and so much more.

We would love to have you join us so we can get to know each of you better and be able to call you friend/family!

What's included:

  • Community of like-minded friends
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  • Videos
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  • And so much more...

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Deb - EnRITCHED Refuge

I remember the night I found your YouTube Channel and being totally taken back by your story and drive to live life through Jesus, more simple and closer to HIS Creation and Nature and raising your son improving his abilities to thrive!
I knew I found like minded believers!
Your website, weekly YouTube chat and prayers have been a breath of life I look so forward to every week, meeting others, while your enthusiasm to share His Word in your everyday life just flows while engaging me and others to come closer to Him as we share our experiences among each other! You are the first one who has really encouraged me to write my life story as a book! I'm truly considering it!
With the situation in our world this past 8 months, this connection had been another answer to my prayers and situation of being alone 4 months of it! Just knowing we have each other in prayer and kindling new relationships through a platform that can reach far is comforting!

Tammy Richards - Blogger at

Trayer Wilderness is not just a site that will give you knowledge and skills. This site is family and everything comes from the heart - a heart for the Lord. I have been so blessed to be able to spend time with the Trayer family - you will find such sincerity in them. The Lord led me to their site and has continued to bless my life by building our friendship. I am more confident than ever that I can live life without worrying about the 'normal' things - and Tammy has helped build that confidence. I look forward to being involved with future endeavors!